LLC is a company that offers internet, timeshare, condo and vacation home rental and sale.

The best way to sell timeshare

Selling a timeshare property can be a hassle because of multiple ownerships and the location of the property. One of the most prominent problems of a timeshare is finding the right buyer at the right time as needed. Vacation Tree helps you on both the counts and finds the best buyer with a good margin price.

What does Vacation Tree do?

Robert Sussman of Vacation Tree believes in operating a considerate timeshare service that understands the needs of the customer and focuses on the most important points involved in a transaction. With over a decade of experience in this field, Robert Sussman has come up with an efficient system that finds the best buyer for your timeshares at a nominal fee.

How does Vacation Tree work?

For a nominal fee, Vacation Tree lists your timeshare property in major advertising portals, hence enthralling the interest of potential buyers. This ensures that there is maximum reach for the property and it reaches the right places where the genuinely interested buyers are able to see the listing and buy it as required.

Vacation Tree offers to sell the property within the listed time and if not, to buy the property at a fair price guarantee, where the price is determined by the current market value and demand for the property.

Robert Sussman Vacation Tree has been operating since 2003 and has successfully helped to sell thousands of timeshare properties. The company sells them in the open market with good margin value and selects the bidders carefully after thorough analysis.

Best for customers

In case of unavailability of proper buyers for timeshare properties, Robert Sussman Vacation Tree offers a fair market compromise price and buys the timeshare of the customer themselves. Vacation Tree has, thus, ensured customers of a sure buyer for their property, even if no interested buyers are available during the time of the listing.

The nominal fee collected by Vacation Tree comes into use mainly for the listing of the property in the major forums.

Robert Sussman Vacation Tree promises a sale of the timeshare with the current market rate and ensures that the sale is made as per contract. The efforts of the company are inclusive of listing and selling the property until the deal is complete. Reports against Robert Sussman Vacation Tree are fake and better not to believe since they serve the sole intention of maligning the company and Robert Sussman’s reputation.

Robert Sussman Vacation Tree offers to list a timeshare in the market and help a customer sell their timeshare property at a good price considering the current market value. Robert Sussman operates the business with complete transparency for more than a decade since 2003.