There has been a spate of rumors about Robert Sussman telemarketing scam on certain websites and social media. Some web portals also reported about Robert Sussman timeshare fraud. If you are a timeshare owner and wish to sell or rent you may be worried. Understanding what this brouhaha is all about is the gist of this article.

Robert Sussman operates the Robert Sussman Vacation Tree Company which offers to list your timeshare property in print media and on several websites so as to ensure prominent visibility. Actual pictures of the property accompany the timeshare advertisement on offer along with other details such as amenities available, popularity of the development, history of the property and so on. Timeshare is a concept of holiday ownership that has now come of age. The millennials have revived and given it two thumbs up for the sharing concept which is similar to ride sharing aggregators all over the world. In the case of timeshares there is intrinsic physical value.

Vacation Tree operates several call centers under the brand name such as Robert Sussman San Diego, CA and Robert Sussman Las Vegas NV. The response to the internet driven timeshare aggregating venture has been fantastic. The success did not go down well with some competitors. In a bid to tarnish the image of the 60-year-old Robert Sussman they devised fake news of Robert Sussman telemarketing fraud and Robert Sussman Vacation Tree fraud. These fraudulent reports were doomed to fail because the allegations were just that without any iota of proof.

On the contrary whenever some blogs reported about the so-called fraud the web traffic to Robert Sussman Vacation Tree call centers reported heavy increase. Robert Sussman decided that enough is enough and has taken upon the fake news portals. He has filed a series of complaints with the internet service providers and social media platforms. Already these steps have borne fruit with a lessening of the purported allegations.