All timeshare deals relate to specific property and specific time period. This is standard all over the world. Earlier timeshare deals received some bad press due to the greed of some developers. However, with the entry of big players such as Ritz-Carlton, Marriot, Disney among others and proper regulations the standards of timeshares has seen positive ratings. Robert Sussman is a 60-year-old veteran of the timeshare business. Seeing how the internet allowed a greater degree of transparency he established Robert Sussman Vacation Tree,

He advertised his services which allowed timeshare owners to contact his office. Robert Sussman San Diego CA and Robert Sussman, Las Vegas NV are call centers owned by Vacation Tree. Trained telemarketers would call back the prospective timeshare owner and after getting details of the property and the period would offer to provide listings and visibility. They would also apprise the owner of what would be a fair price.

This process was transparent and as such no deals were struck. Competitors of Mr. Sussman dubbed this practice as Robert Sussman telemarketing scam. Seeing that such blogs did not make any dent in the popularity of Mr. Sussman his detractors upped the ante by calling his business acumen as Robert Sussman Timeshare fraud and Robert Sussman Vacation Tree Fraud. If his enemies had backed their claims with some proof maybe they would have had some success. On the contrary it was just wild accusations which after some time became a story with hot air.

Robert Sussman then went the extra mile in his business activity. If after a period of 10 months the listing had not attracted a buyer Vacation Tree would offer a fair price and purchase the timeshare. This guarantee endeared customers to Vacation Tree and they have not looked back. No amount of yellow journalism can put a dent in Vacation Tree’s success.