Not a long time ago (just about 2 to 3 decades) the world of timeshares was going through turbulence. This was before the age of Internet; information flow depended on journalists who brought stories into mainstream media. Timeshare sales went from a concept of holiday home sharing to a scam tainted business. Several reports surfaced about the hard sell employed by developers in closed door meetings. Stories abounded of coercion as well as impossible financial demands.

Today with the Internet timeshare sales have evolved. From the rocky reputations of the past the industry has stabilized. All that a prospective buyer needs to do is to check out the property on the Internet. Or just call a number provided and soon you will be inundated with information. You can talk to other owners and get insights as well as feedbacks. Robert Sussman of San Diego, CA is a 60-year-old person with more than 30 years of experience in the timeshare business. He recognized that the style of doing business was evolving and he tailored his business acumen into providing services of potential buyers to meet and negotiate with existing time share owners. Robert Sussman Vacation Tree is the brand name of Sussman’s consumer friendly service portal.

Some of his competitors used the internet to label this turn of events as Robert Sussman Vacation Tree Fraud. The internet works both ways; you can use the World Wide Web to promote products and services while also using it to tarnish the name of your competitor. Robert Sussman is made of sterner stuff. The very fact that his promotions and representatives are doing well in these areas are proof that the so-called Robert Sussman Timeshare Fraud is baseless and a rumor not worth the bits and bytes.