There are a very few companies who work just for the benefit of their clients.  Robert Sussman is popular for his first marketing company in America named the 1Planet Media.  A record of accomplishment of working with companies like Bloomingdale and Walmart speaks a lot different about your company profile. An Employer to over 100 employee innovative minds of the states and some of the best i. Timeshare Resort marketing is one of the popular divisions of his entire sector.

His fight against the fraud

There has been a recent false rumor about timeshare fraud related to Robert Sussman. If rumors are to be believed, the timeshare is never put to sell. To the contrary, Vacation Tree puts every property on sale. After a particular span of time when the property remains unsold, the company buys the property at a fair market price. This market price is concluded after mush analysis of the real time values of property and net worth of the property. The company was initiated in 2003 with a very strong team of people with networks and reputation.

Vacation Tree and its Services

The organization offers services in the field of timeshare property. It is a registered company under the state of California with a persistent reputation of serving the clients at its best.  The company’s history goes back to 2003. International Business has been the forte of Robert Sussman and his company. Timeshare renting and selling has become easier after companies like Vacation Tree and Discount town came into existence. Under the capable supervision of Robert Sussman, these organizations have flourished exceptionally. As of now, the efficient staff in these companies is ever ready to serve the customers with the best of advice about Timeshare property.